Thursday, July 7, 2011

First excellent bread recipe!

Adapted from the Portuguese Rolls - Isi's easy recipe from the Thermomix Forum.

Those pictures are actually mine! The sliced ones were the first loaves I made and the rolls the next day. All came out just perfect and kids could not get enough of them!

So I thought I'd save the recipe by putting it down here!

Remember it's all based with use of Thermomix, so don't sue me if your bread collapsed when you don't have the wonder machine... heh!


500g flour - I used Bakers' flour
2 tsp dry yeast (or I used a satchel from packet)
300ml lukewarm water
2 tsp sea salt
1 Tablespoon honey


1. Put salt at bottom of bowl, then flour on top.
2. Put yeast on top of flour.
3. Combine water and honey in a cup before pouring on top of the dry mixture in bowl.
4. Have it mixed at 5 mins with 'wheat' button on.
5. Allow the dough to rest inside the bowl for 45 mins.
6. Mix again in bowl for a min with 'wheat' button.
7. Pour dough out of bowl onto a mat for knealing.
8. Kneal the dough to flat it out - this is when you should decide if its in roll or as loaf.
9. Pick a corner and rolls it to end - like a rolled log.
10. Place all rolled up dough on a cooking tray - I used silicon mat and baking paper with same success on a baking tray. So it's personal preference but do put dough on either in a tray anyway.
11. Rest the dough covered for 20 mins.
12. Score the top of dough with sharp knife (cut so some gas can get out, etc).
13. Paint the dough with a mixture of water and oil.
14. Turn the oven on to 210 degree C and wait till it warms up.
15. Sprinkle rolls with bit of flour before putting it in oven.
16. Bake between 20 and 30 mins at 200 degree C, with a oven-safe container filled with hot water.

I've noticed that larger loaves do well if its 25 mins without fan. I turned oven on with fan on as well while it warms up then when I put rolls in, I turn the fan off and allow the heat to cook rather than dry-heat it...

I've tried with both flour on top and ones without (step 15), both tasted the same and cooked the same so it's another personal preference I think.

So bake as many as you can and enjoy them!!