The Pioneer Woman

There is a site that I love to haunt almost everyday...

The Pioneer Woman

In general, I love her view of life, cooking and photography which is so refreshing most of time.

Today I was looking at the Comfort Food list she put together and noted a recipe for Cinnamon Toast. Curiously enough, her #4 method was what my mum and I have always done for over 20 years!

(Gasp - this is telling my age...)

We actually mix butter, cinnamon and BROWN SUGAR if raw sugar is not available. We don't like white sugar - brown sugar give the cinnamon butter a more caramelised taste when buttered on toast! 

Most of time, we just have plain bread toasted first then spread the cinnamon butter on it and let it melt for a minute or so and munch through it.

Oh so yummy and brought memories back (I did such a year ago and my kids didn't really like it!).

Go on and try some today!